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Claypot Rice

  • KL Tai Pai Tong Claypot Chicken Rice @ Yishun 675 – Pocket-friendly claypot chicken rice

    KL Tai Pai Tong's dish was very fragrant, with ample amounts of sesame oil and just the right amount of dar...Read more

  • Yew Chuan Claypot Rice @ Golden Mile FC – Be prepared to wait almost an hour but it's worth it!

    As every portion of claypot rice is cooked to order at Yew Chuan Claypot Rice, expect a 30 to 45-minute wai...Read more

  • Cantonese Claypot Rice @ Beo Crescent Market – Claypot rice with meaty chicken chunks, lup cheong and salted fish for $4.30

    If you're having a craving for some claypot rice, head to the crowd-favourite (and simply-named) Cantonese ...Read more

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