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Beef Noodles

  • China Square Beef Noodles @ Alexandra Village FC – Tasty beef noodles with a raw beef option

    Dry, soup, or with rice, the various China Square Beef Noodles are equally tasty. There’s even an option to...Read more

  • Joo Chiat Beef King – Intense beef noodles and bullwhip soup

    Joo Chiat Beef King, surprisingly, doesn’t originate from Joo Chiat; instead, the chef hails from Shan Dong...Read more

  • Jin Fa Teochew Beef Noodles – Light and soupy noodles akin to pho

    Jin Fa Teochew Beef Noodles prides itself on the lesser-known traditional beef noodles, which uses a soupie...Read more

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