7 places to sit down and enjoy fresh durians at in Singapore

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7 places to sit down and enjoy fresh durians at in Singapore that's not just in Geylang!

7 places to sit down and enjoy fresh durians at in Singapore that's not just in Geylang!

7 places to sit down and enjoy fresh durians at in Singapore that's not just in Geylang!


Oh, durians! We all know that it's not easy to eat them at home since it can be tricky cracking open them, plus the odou... we mean fragrance, that may linger for some time.

While most durian stalls are takeaways-only, here are 7 stores with a good reputation and sit-in options for you to enjoy the King of Fruits!

99 Old Trees Durian 

99 old trees durian central

(Credit: 99 Old Trees Durian Official Facebook)

Just two blocks away from Pek Kio Wet Market, 99 Old Trees Durian is said to provide one of the best customer service. Get served by friendly vendors who won’t dismiss your preferences and are willing to do exchanges for subpar durians. 99 Old Tree Durian also has an air-conditioned seating area where they sell desserts like chendol and durian mousse, both crowd favourites! 

Address: 46 Owen Rd, #01-277, Singapore
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 12.30PM-9.30PM, Tuesday 6PM-9.30PM



Mr Durian

 mr durian rangoon

(Credit: Mr Durian Official Facebook)

Mr Durian along Rangoon Road is most famous for their MSW durians. Dine-in patrons have said that their fruits are of high standards. While pricey, they make it up with their good service: request for a replacement if you encounter substandard fruits!

Address: 140 Rangoon Rd, #01-00, Singapore 218418
Opening hours: 2.30PM-11.30PM daily  

Tel: 8284 3222


Ah Seng Durian

ah seng durian ghim moh alexandra

(Credit: Ah Seng Durian Official Facebook)

Ah Seng Durian is reputed for their high quality durians. You have to order online from this store before collection and even then, expect to queue for your goods. While many patrons acknowledge that their prices can be steep, most are happy to do so because they’re assured of the quality of Ah Seng Durians.

Ghim Moh Outlet: Ghim Moh Road Market
20 Ghim Moh Rd #01-119 to #01-122, Singapore 270020

Alexandra Outlet: 
Bukit Merah Lane 1 Blk 119 #01-24, Singapore, 151119
Opening hours: 1.30PM-8.30PM daily

Tel: 9465 6160


Ah Di Dempsey Durian

ah di dempsey durian

(Credit: Ah Di Dempsey Durian Official Facebook)

Ah Di Dempsey is another big-name premium durian vendor; they even have a celebrity following! Despite its no-frills setup, you’ll get to wind down in the chill atmosphere at Dempsey. Call in to reserve the durians of your choice so you don’t leave empty-handed! 

Address: 7 Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249684
Opening hours: 3PM-12AM daily

Tel: 9018 2853

Combat Durian

combat durian balestier rangoon

(Credit: Combat Durian Official Facebook)

Balestier residents swear by Combat Durian, which is how this stall has been operating for over 50 years! This store is attached with a canopy to shield dining customers from the elements. Combat Durian also serves cold fresh coconuts to customers to counteract the ‘heaty’ durians. They also have durian-based desserts like swiss rolls and crepe cakes at their new Rangoon outlet.

Balestier outlet:
249 Balestier Rd Singapore 329708

Rangoon outlet:
206 Rangoon Rd Singapore 218452
Opening hours: 12PM-9PM daily  

Tel: 9278 9929


King Fruits Durian (Geylang)

king fruits durian geylang

(Credit: King Fruits Durian Official Facebook)

King Fruits Durian offers affordable durians alongside more expensive varieties. They’re hard to miss with their signature red canopy stretched along Lor 33 Geylang. They don't see as big of a crowd as some of the places mentioned earlier, so you don't have to stress about making reservations days before!

Address: 639 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389570
Opening hours: 10AM-11.30PM daily

Tel: 8186 8358

Durian 36

durian 36 geylang

(Credit: Durian 36 Official Facebook)

Durian 36 at Geylang is a 24-hour durian seller in the area. They take pride in their Red Prawn and Musang King varieties! Some loyal customers say that Durian 36 sometimes reduces dine-in prices past midnight, so you can hop by to see if you’re in luck.

Address: 608 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389547
Opening hours: Open 24 hours daily

Tel: 9889 4906


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